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Originally released on 01 October 2019, re-released on 05 April 2020.

'Sitar Metal' is the World's first & only Sitar fronted Indian Classical-Metal album. Creating history on many fronts, this album marked the beginning of a new chapter in the entire history of a 'Sitar' by introducing & bringing 'Tapping' to the Sitar for the first time ever, featured in the opening section of the lead single 'When Time Stands Still'.

What also makes 'Sitar Metal' as an album both game changing & first of it's kind is that, it is also the only 'Rock/Metal' album ever written entirely by an Indian Classical musician, composed solely on the Sitar and fronted entirely by the Sitar. Aiming at expanding the use of the Sitar without changing it's sound & look, taking it to a new realm keeping the iconic traditional Sitar tone alive & cemented, the album represents and explores the unfiltered & unapologetic glory of both Indian Classical music & Metal music in equal proportions, further fusing electronic music, shayari, rap, voiceovers & ambient music - all based on a lush instrumental backdrop of Indian Classical & Metal music, fronted by the Sitar.

The 6 track album album was originally released on October 1st, 20219 featuring a black-themed cover artwork. The album was taken down & re-released with 5 bonus tracks on April 5th, 2020 featuring a red themed cover artwork to mark the re-issue of the 10 song album which is now streaming worldwide along with a line of merchandise & physical CDs available now