SITAR METAL is the World's first & only 'Sitar' fronted Indian Classical Metal Band.


A true cultural collision - SITAR METAL hails as the true Inventor & pioneer of not only Sitar fronted Indian classical & Rock/Metal Fusion sound but the broader spectrum of Indian Music coming together with World Music Sounds.


The band doesn't simply use Indian Classical Music in small proportions just for it's name's sake but truly cements the idea of Indian Classical Music & Instruments 'Fronting' an entire Metal band for the first time in the history of both these genres, creating a sound that is equally Indian Classical & equally Metal. Fusing additional soundscapes from Indian Instruments, Rap, Shayari, Vocals & Electronic Music, the band creates an extremely catchy, melodic, chaotic, heavy & vast soundscape to reckon with that is both first of it's kind & game changing in both the avenues of recordings & live performances. 


SITAR METAL has emerged as a league of their own in the Global Music Scene after the release & success of their debut album 'Sitar Metal'.



Formed in 2015 by Rishabh Seen in Jalandhar city in Punjab (India), Sitar Metal was initially started as a solo project by Rishabh Seen as a part of which he would mainly do sitar covers of heavy metal songs.


After receving a global response for his cover videos, Rishabh formed his first project named Mute The Saint in 2016 which was essentially a solo project but involved a more collaborative approach between Rishabh Seen, Jared Sandhy, Shashwat Kapoor & Josh Seguin. The EP Mute The Saint was released in 2017 which was the first & only release from this project.

With the dawn of 2017, after realising the true sonic & creative potential of Sitar Metal, Rishabh Seen decided to form a project with the same name 'Sitar Metal' as it was felt to be 'The only name that could do the justice to the idea & vision of what it is', as described by Rishabh. 

It took another year to follow the natural course of things & find the band members to complete the line-up. By the beginning of 2018, Sitar Metal announced the addition of Tushar Khurana from Jalandhar city on Bass Guitars, Sambit Chatterjee from Kolkata on Drums & Deeparshi Roy from Kolkata on Guitars, to the band. The band embarked on it's first support tour with Polyphia as a part of their India Tour in February 2019. Sitar Metal performed the songs of their first album but this tour happened 6 Months before Sitar Metal had officially released any of it's music, still blazing out through the concerts with their sound & music.

On 01 October 2019, Sitar Metal released it's self-titled  debut album 'Sitar Metal', featuring the lead single 'When Time Stands Still' which is the world's first & only song to feature Tapping on the Sitar, a technique brought to the Sitar by Rishabh Seen. The album 'Sitar Metal' became an absolute phenomenon generating global interest & acclaim and becoming the most buzzed about independent release from India. 

In August 2019, Joel Damian Rodrigues from Kolkata became the new Drummer of Sitar Metal & the band embarked on their first 10 City India Tour in October, presenting jaw dropping experiences throughout the nation in major clubs & festivals.

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Sitar meets metal in Rishabh Seen's genre-blending band, whose debut album is autobiographical & melodic.



Sitar Metal are the world's first (and possibly only) sitar metal band. As in they shred hard on sitars. We explore the Heavy Metal music scene in India with Sitar Metal.



Sitar Metal are the world’s first, well, sitar metal act.


Could Sitar Metal be the next stars of global metal?


Sitar Metal is a revelation, and the fastest way to unclog your third eye this side of Drano.